“facebook” Savings Calculator - Multiple Deposits

Savings Calculator

Multiple Deposits

This simple savings calculator will help you determine the future value of your investments.  This calculator can be used for multiple deposits.

1. Enter the Deposit Amount
2. Enter the Rate
3. Enter the Number of Years
4. Click Calculate

Click Clear to Reset

To calculate the future value of a monthly investment, enter the beginning balance, the monthly dollar amount you plan to deposit, the interest rate you expect to earn, and the number of years you expect to continue making monthly deposits, then click the "Compute" button. Note: When entering numbers into the data fields only use numbers and applicable decimal points. Entering commas, dollar signs, or any other non-numeric characters will cause an error. Also please note that this calculator has been tested to work with Internet Explorer 3.01 and Netscape Navigator 3.01 web browsers. However, both must have the JavaScript option turned on.

 Enter the Initial Investment (optional): $
 Enter the Monthly Addition: $
 Enter the Annual Interest Rate:   %
 Enter the Number of Years: #

Future Value: $
Interest Earned: $

The accuracy of this calculator and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. Results should be discussed with a qualified professional before any product purchases or loan commitments are made.

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