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Basic Financial Education

Quick Banking Tip

If your children are to succeed, it’s up to you to educate them about money management. Parents must be deliberate about teaching their kids how to handle their finances. When children attend regular family meetings to talk about money, problem solving and planning, it will become a habit for them — one they’ll carry into their adult lives and pass on to their own children.

Cyber Security Resources

Supplementing Passwords
This Security Tip from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) explains why passwords should be supplemented with additional security levels and then delves into multi-factor authentication as well as other measures that can be used to keep passwords secure.
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Choosing and Protecting Passwords
This Security Tip from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) not only details ways in which you can create strong passwords, but also discusses why strong passwords are needed as well as ways in which you can protect your passwords once you've created them.
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What You Should and Should Not Carry In Your Wallet
Being vigilant with regards to the efforts of identity thieves is incredibly important in the times in which we live. This article from CNBC is authored by a respected authority on areas including cybersecurity and fraud. Among other things, it describes items which many people may carry on their person but that, according to the author, you should avoid carrying yourself.
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Protect Yourself from Scams and Fraud

Unemployment Compensation Fraud
As of late, instances of unemployment compensation fraud in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have seen an increase. Multiple types of fraud, including unemployment claims fraud, can be reported via the following link to the Pennsylvania Office of Unemployment Compensation.
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Common Scams and Frauds
The "Common Scams and Frauds" page of the USA.gov website contains information on multiple, relevant scams and frauds as well as how you can report such scams/frauds and steps you can take to protect yourself from becoming victimized.
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Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Compliant Center (IC3)
The mission of the Internet Crime Complaint Center is to provide the public with a reliable and convenient reporting mechanism to submit information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning suspected Internet-facilitated criminal activity and to develop effective alliances with law enforcement and industry partners. The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant. Complaints filed via this website are processed and may be referred to federal, state, local or international law enforcement or regulatory agencies for possible investigation.
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NCUA Fraud Prevention Center
The NCUA Fraud Prevention Center houses information that includes, but is not limited to: online security information, identity theft information, fraud alerts, and fraud resources.
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Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information
The Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information page contains information on consumer alerts, ways that consumers can take action, and links to their Scam Alerts page.
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Contact the national credit bureaus - Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion - to request fraud alerts, credit freezes, and opt outs from pre-screened credit offers.
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Basic Financial Education

Practical Money Skills
To help consumers and students of all ages learn the essentials of personal finance, Visa has partnered with leading consumer advocates, educators, and financial institutions to develop the Practical Money Skills program. At practicalmoneyskills.com and whatsmyscore.org, consumers, educators, parents, students and policymakers can access free educational resources, including personal finance articles, games and lesson plans.
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Financial Literacy
Under the Federal Credit Union Act, promoting financial literacy is a core credit union mission. While credit unions serve the needs of their members and promote financial literacy within their communities, NCUA works to strengthen credit union efforts, raise consumer awareness and increase access to credit union services.
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The product of the Congressionally chartered Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which is made up of more than 20 Federal entities that are coordinating and collaborating to strengthen financial capability and increase access to financial services for all Americans.
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