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Got questions about your accounts, but no time to sit on the phone or travel to a branch?  Just start a LiveChat with a Financial Service Representative 24/7 from your PC or mobile device.  Find out how simple it is to use the new Riverset and start doing better than a bank!

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Riverset Credit Union Annual Report

As a member of Riverset, you are an owner.  As an owner of Riverset, wouldn't you like to know how the company is doing financially?  Each year we release our Annual Report which gives an overview of everything from our annual audit to income and expense.  We invite you to explore our Annual Reports online to see the positive difference we are making in the community.

Switch your Direct Deposit to Riverset

Many bank customers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the litany of fees their banks are charging, as well as the difficulties often associated with obtaining a loan. Riverset Credit Union represents an alternative to banks and provides solutions to common complaints about traditional banking institutions. Not for profit, not for charity, but for service. Bring your Direct Deposit to a Riverset Simple Checking account and do better than a bank.

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I have abandoned traditional banks. I only use credit unions, primarily Riverset. The shared banking option is perfect for when I am traveling.