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Want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Riverset Credit Union member? Become a member today.

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Riverset Banking Benefits

Low fees, great rates, and exceptional service aren't the only benefits of Riverset Credit Union.


Do Better For Yourself

Our membership is made up of hardworking men and women who play by the rules and truly believe they deserve more from their financial institution.  As a not-for-profit organization we have an obligation to educate our members on the financial products and services available to them, and to ensure that the financial solutions we recommend are in their best interests.  Become a member of Riverset Credit Union and do better for yourself.

Bring Your Direct Deposit to Riverset

Setting up a portion or all of your payroll or Social Security check to be automatically deposited into your Riverset account is simple, saves you time, and is a great way to start saving. Sign up for Direct Deposit and simplify your life. Contact us to learn more.

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I am new to the area and a credit union.  Anytime that I have called in, the person has been very nice and helpful.  Looking forward to using some perks within a credit union!